April 17, 2010

How To: How you can create vintage videos with the iPhone

I'm always looking for new apps that enhance my experience with the iPhone. In my quest I found this neat little app called "Silent Film Director". Like the name, the app automatically converts your videos into a beautiful vintage piece of work with almost no input from you. All you have to do is select the settings and press record. That's pretty simple, right?

The app has several recording settings like sephia, vintage sephia, 20's, 60's, and black and white. All these settings make your video look very vintage and antique.

It also has different sounds like piano 1, and 2 and movie projector which gives your video more credibility.

There are also settings to change the video time scale making your video either faster or slower. Play with these settings, they make it more fun.
All these settings make your video look similar to a Chaplin movie.
You also probably want to select the quality of the video depending on where you'll host it or for what occasion you're producing it.
After you select your settings then tap the Take Video button to display the recording screen.
All you have to do now is press record and stop just like you do with the standard video on the iPhone. After you're done, all videos are automatically saved to your library.

Check out these short videos I created while testing the app.
Me :O)

My four legged son Gordo.

My four legged son Oreo.

My daughter.

The price for this app is only $0.99 and if you're into making videos I think it's well worth it.

Download it now:
Vintage Video Maker

Let's recap; select settings, record and stop and you got yourself a professional vintage video with almost no work on your part.

Have you tried this app? If so, please share some of the videos you produced in the comment section.


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