July 13, 2009

iPhone Tip: How to e-mail, copy and delete multiple pictures

If you have an iPhone with OS 3.0 or even better the iPhone 3GS you know this upgrade has brought some cool features that all of us iPhone fanatics have been waiting for. In this post I'm going to give you two tips in one and these are related to the new features so enjoy.

Until this upgrade you were only able to e-mail or delete one picture at a time which was kind of a pain especially if you took lots of pictures.

Well with OS 3.0 you can now not only delete multiple pictures, you can also copy and better yet e-mail multiple pictures.

Tip 1:

To e-mail multiple pictures:
1. Press the action arrow at the bottom of the photo album.

2. Touch select up to 5 pictures (you can only share up to 5 pictures at a time).

3. Press the Share button.

4. Press Email and you'll be taken into your default e-mail account in which your pictures will be added. All you have to do is add the recipient's e-mail address, the subject and press send.

To delete pictures:

1. Follow the steps 1-2, and then press Delete.

2. Press Delete Selected Items.

To copy pictures:

1. Follow steps 1-2, and then press Copy.

After you copy the pictures go to the application you want to use and paste them and that's it.

Tip 2:

If you noticed above you can only e-mail up to 5 pictures using the Share button but guess what? You can copy more than 5 pictures using the Copy button so in a way you can e-mail more than 5 pictures at a time.

To do this just copy the number of pictures you want from your photo album, and then go to your e-mail inbox and paste the pictures.

You see, where there is a will there is a way :O)

What tips do you want to share?