March 06, 2008

Are you thinking of implementing Wikis?

If you're thinking of implementing Wikis in your organization I would recommend you review these episodes created by Stewart Mader, the author of Wiki Patterns. He provides some great insight on how to implement and grow your organization's wiki.

21 days of wiki adoption

March 05, 2008

Review: Video and File Sharing with your Twitter friends...

If you're hooked on Twitter then sit down before you read this. Starting today, you can now share videos, pictures, and other files using a new service offered by Twit+. This services works with the Twitter API and it allows you to share pictures, videos and other files with your Twitter friends.

How does it work?

1. You can log in with your Twitter username/password at:

2. Enter your message, and click Browse to select the file you want to share.

3. Select if you want to make the Twit public or send it to an individual follower. If you select Individual Followers then a list of your followers will be displayed for you to select the individual.

4. Click Send twit+ msg button.
In a couple of seconds your followers will receive your files... and the best thing is that your followers don't need to use Twit+ in order to receive your files but it would be great that way they can twit+ you back.......
Does this mean goodbye to e-mailing YouTube links?


March 01, 2008

Do you know which web 2.0 application to use?

I'm always testing new web 2.0 applications and services and some times I forget why I don't use some and why I use others a lot. So I decided to do the logical, document it. I created a Wiki called Web 2.0 Applications to keep track of these software and services and at the same time add a quick review of each and make it available to everyone.

In my Wiki I explain what that service is, how can it be used in training, and provide videos and tips when applicable. I also list the services I've tested along with a review which includes their ease of use, fees (if any), URLs, if customization is allow, my star rating and any other information I think will be helpful.

Hopefully my trial and error will help others.

Is there any software or services you use or wouldn't use because of a bad experience that you would like to share with us? You can post your reviews here or add them to my Web 2.0 Applications Wiki.