April 12, 2009

App Top List: 3 More iPhone Photo Apps for your collection

If you're into photography I suggest you search the app store constantly because a lot of apps are being developed to enhance your photos. I've already reviewed my Top 5 iPhone Photo Apps back in January and now I review 3 more photos apps for your collection.

Photogene - wouldn't it be great to have PhotoShop available on your iPhone? Of course it would, well it's not available yet but Photogene is. With Photogene you can crop, apply filters, color adjustment, exposure, and saturation. You can also enhance your photos with effects, frames, borders, and even rotate the image. You have the option to edit photos from your library or taking a new one. Photogene brings photo editing to another level and it's just so simple to use. The app is $2.99 but it's well worth it.

Here are a couple of photo enhancements done with Photogene.

This photo was cropped, and a border was added.

Captions were added in seconds to explain to my friends something that was happening at the moment.

Check out the video from our friends at AppVee so you can see more features available.

Download Photogene.

ColorSplash - With this app, you can give your photos a dramatic black and white look while keeping the original color in certain areas. After the photo is converted to black and white you can use your fingers as a brush to bring back the original color in certain areas, you can even zoom in and out (using pinching) to make the process easier. You have the option to edit a photo from the library or take a new one as well. This app is only $1.99 but it's a great addition in your iPhone.

Here is an example of a photo enhanced with ColorSplash.

Check out this video from the App Store Reviewer to see more features available.

Download ColorSpash.

PhotoArtist - Most of the reviews I've seen on this app are not great but I think it's because the app is being confused with a photo editor and it's not. The name implies it all Photo Art. You can select any of the photos in your library or take a new one and then apply any of the following six filters: cartoon, watercolor, illustration, halftone, mono, and pen and your photo is turned into art. It's not a photo editor like Photoshop or like the Photogene app reviewed in this post. It converts your photo's into artwork as the name indicates and it does a great job at it. It's only $1.99 and I think it's well worth it. Your artwork is saved in your library or you can opt to share them on PhotoShare.

Here are a couple of examples:
Illustration filter:

Watercolor filter:

Pen filter:

Download PhotoArtist.

I hope this quick review is helpful to you. If you've use these apps let us know what you think or even better share your photos with us.