May 21, 2010

How To: How to avoid wind noise when recording your podcast

When recording a podcast on a windy day, it's hard to get rid of the wind noise. So Rick came up with a very clever homemade windscreen that can be used for pretty much every microphone device. In his case he uses the Zoom H2 which is a great tool for podcasting.

Check this video, Rick shows you how to DIY.

I myself may try it I too use the Zoom H2.

Something similar called "Rode Deadcat Microphone Wind Muff" sells on Amazon for $39.37. I think if you do it yourself it comes out cheaper and it looks pretty simple to make.

What do you use to eliminate the wind noise?

May 16, 2010

Have you checked the privacy settings in the Facebook applications lately?

Everyone has been so worried about all the changes Facebook has done with the privacy settings but I don't think anyone is looking at the privacy settings in the applications themselves.

I'm talking about the applications where you fill out surveys, play games, and so many other things. These apps have privacy settings and by default they are set to allow "Everyone" to see your information.

Now I'm not saying letting everyone see your survey results is a bad thing but if you're concerned with your privacy this is another place you should look at.

To change the app settings go to Account > Application Settings and click the Edit Settings that corresponds to each app.

Do this for every app. If you're someone that spends to much time playing stuff on Facebook then you'll have lots of apps to update.

If you app list is just to big and filled with apps you don't use I would suggest you first change the privacy settings of all the apps and then click the X to delete the ones you don't use. Remember, even though you delete things from the web it doesn't mean it will disappear :O(

Does this post help you? Let us know in the comment section below.


May 15, 2010

Stupid things to do with your cell phone

If you're ever bored, here are 3 stupid things you can do with your cell phone to entertain yourself. Some how though I feel the need to say "don't try this at home" on #2 and #3.

Cellular & Mobile Phones:
Stupid Things To Try With Your Phone

What other things would you add to this list?

May 07, 2010

My Twitter Follow Friday list for May 2010

Instead of tweeting a list of Twitter handles for you to follow today, I decided to write a post to let you know who to follow and why.

I think this makes it more personal and special and I get a chance to explain why these Tweeple are worthy of following. So let's start.

This group is my Social Media life line, and if you're an enthusiast as I am you would follow them too:

I follow this group to get tips on graphic design, PhotoShop how to's and techniques:

I follow this group of photographers for tips on techniques and equipment and just to see their beautiful photos, they're awesome:

I follow this group because they keep me up to date on everything from technology to art to motherhood. All around an awesome group:

I follow this awesome group for great tips on how to use Social Media to market my training courses, strategy and engage customers:MariSmith

This group I follow for tips on everything from leadership tips to teaching with technology:

Being an iPhone fanatic, I follow this group to keep up to date on new or existing iPhone apps, and to get some free redeem codes for free apps:

And last but not least..... If you ever need to say something and don't know quite how to say it, check these guys out. They always have some great quotes and wisdom to pass down.

Who are your favorite tweeple? Share your list in the comment section.