October 15, 2008

Review: WordPress launched a poll feature

I think everyone was waiting for this specially those that host their blog on WP. You can now create polls in WP using Poll Daddy. When you're writing a post, you will see an orange icon on the toolbar for Polls.

If you don't have a Poll Daddy account, you will be prompted to create one the first time you access it.

You can also manage your polls in the Manage section.

And for those that have an account with them you will be able to import your polls.

After this post was published WP is allowing you to add a poll on a sidebar. All you have to do is get the poll link and paste it in a text box. Now you might have to play with the sizing... but PollDaddy does have a custom poll feature that allows you to create your own look and feel and size.

This was a long time waiting and I'm glad WP launched it so kudos for WP.

How do you like the WP poll feature?

VS: Bookmarks vs Red Delicious App

If you're like me and do a lot of research then you are a big fan of Social Bookmarking. My favorite
site is Delicious and I was happy to see the Delicious app appear in my apps store some time ago.

The app that I was using is called Bookmarks, and it's free. You can program your Delicious username and password, and it will display all yours tags. By just touching the tag name, the websites you have tagged are displayed and you can navigate to the website by of course, touching the name of the site on the screen. Download it to try it out, it's free.

The app was working fine for me but then last night I decided to visit the app store which I had not done for a while and I noticed another app called Red Delicious. The icon is the same as Delicious, the only difference is that they blue area in the Delicious logo is red. If you're buying through iTunes, the app is filed in the Social Networking category which is different from the Bookmarks app which is filed under the Utilities category.

The Red Delicious app is only $1.99 and I think it's worth every penny. To start, as soon as you open the app a list of the most recent tags you used appear. At the bottom of the screen you have your standard icons to navigate to Recent, Bookmarks, Search, Features, and More....

The app defaults to the Recent screen which again displays the most recent tags used which are linked to the most recent sites you've bookmarked.

My favorite thing is the search, I'm a Googler at heart and search for me is very important and it works very well. The Featured screen shows you the featured bookmarked sites on Delicious which is another great feature of this app. Download it now.

There is another app called "My Delicious" which looks very similar to Red Delicious. This one I haven't tried because it's another $1.99 and I read in the reviews a lot of complaints on the app crashing.

By looking at it on iTunes, it has the Bookmark screen which shows you the sites you've bookmarked, including the title, notes, and tags which I like. It also has the search feature but that is all I see. This one is filed in the Productivity category. Download it now.

Have you used any of these apps? if so, share your reviews or any other app you're using to bookmark.

Review: A graphical interpretation of your website.

This site is great for developers, it creates a graphical representation of your website. It's like looking into the soul of your website and spilling your guts. All you do is enter your website URL and it will instantly start creating a graphic. The colors in the graphic represent the links, tables, and other html tags you have in the website. This gives a developer a picture of how many html tags they have in their code and they can make changes accordingly.

Here is a graphic of one of my sites:

What do the colors mean?
blue: for links (the A tag)
red: for tables (TABLE, TR and TD tags)
green: for the DIV tag
violet: for images (the IMG tag)
yellow: for forms (FORM, INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT and OPTION tags)
orange: for linebreaks and blockquotes (BR, P, and BLOCKQUOTE tags)
black: the HTML tag, the root node
gray: all other tags

The site is: http://www.aharef.info/static/htmlgraph/

You can see my site graphics on my
Flickr page.

If you create a graphic for your website, add it to Flickr and tag it as websitesasgraphs. You can view other website graphics by searching for that tag.
If you've used this service before post the graphic url below and share it with us.


October 11, 2008

Making How To Videos for Free with Jing Project

A friend reminded me the other day about Jing Project and I'm glad she did. Some months ago this software was on beta and It was not available to download. Yesterday when my friend reminded me of this I went ahead and download it to try to out.

I don't know how may people use Camtasia Studio or SnagIt but anyways Jing Project is from the makers of these two applications and also of Screencast.com which makes using this new application even better.

When you download Jing Protect you automatically get a free acount with 2GB of storage on Screencast.com which is more than you get if you sign up for a free account on their site.
With Jing Project you can create videos with audio and annotate screen captures. You can post your content on your website, and share through e-mail or IM. The good thing is that everything gets stored in your Screencast.com account. That's not saying you can't store your content in other places because you do have that option.

To share any content, you can click on the History icon that gives you access to all your content thus making it easier to share anything you need to.

Oh but did I mention, it's FREE.

Have you use it? Tell us your experience with Jing Project.