A friend recommended to use this app during the upcoming hurricane Irma, its called Zello Walkie Talkie. After downloading it, I figured I would share through my blog to help others as well. Although you still need to have cell phone service or WiFi connection, this app makes it easy to communicate during a natural disaster.

The advantage of this app is that you communicate through voice which is much quicker than writing and your voice message goes to public channels where others can hear you. You can also follow news channels during a storm to keep up to date on the latest storm path. This app is being used by search and rescue teams to help rescue those in need.

After you download the app, tap the Channels link on the left side and tap on Add channel. Here you can search for the public channels.

I found these 3 channels for Hurricane Irma, two of them are for search and rescue teams and the other one is for news.

After you add each channel you should tap the connect icon to hear any communication coming from that channel. 

Don't forget you can also add your friends and family to the app to stay connected.

To communicate in a public channel or with a friend, tap the name of the channel or friend, and press the microphone to send a voice message. Make sure you have activated the connection icon at the top of the channel, it changes to blue like in this example.

Again, you do need cell phone or wifi connection in order to use this. Xfinity has made hundreds of free hotspots available, you can find information here on how to connect.

Hope this helps us all stay connected and informed during the storm.

Good luck during the storm

What is one of the questions your friends ask you when they visit your home?

"What's your Wifi password?" Right?

Well this blog post will help you share your weirdly constructed credential with your friends without having to dictate it several times every time someone wants to connect.

You can create a QR code that will display your Wifi network password after scanned with an option to copy it. This allows your friends to paste the password into their wifi settings screen when they are connecting to your network without having to dictate your password. It saves you and your friends time and frustration. Who doesn't have to dictate that weirdly constructed password several times?

Follow these simple steps to create your QR code:

1. Go to http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/
2. Select Wifi Network from the Contents pull-down menu.
3. Enter your Wifi Network SSID and password.

4. Select your Network Type from the pull-down menu.

5. Select the size of your QR code from the Bar Code Size pull-down menu. The size does not effect the outcome in any way, it's just the actual size of your QR code.

6. Click Generate.

On the right side of the screen you will see your QR code. Next tap Download and touch the QR code to Save image on your phone.

All you have to do now is to share that image of your QR code with your friends. Once they scan it with a QR reader they will see the option to Copy password. Your Wifi network and password are shown on the screen as well, this will confirm to them which Wifi network they need to connect to.

By showing the password it also allows you to verify you have set it up correctly.

This screen shot is from the app called "QR Reader", other QR reader apps may have the copy option, or they may just show you the password so you can copy it.

All your friends have to do is to paste the password into the password field when connecting to your network.

And viola! No more dictating your password to your friends. You can even post the QR Code on a small photo frame in your living room to avoid having to share it.

Hope this post helps you and anyone else in need in this digital age.

Have you ever bought something off the internet and minutes later found out another online store was selling that same item for less? Yup, me too and that is why I decided to write this article. I stumbled across a Google Chrome add-on that can help you find the best deal on the internet.

It's called Honey. The way Honey works is that once you click check-out, you will see a small box appear on your screen prompting you to find savings.

Notice how at the bottom it shows a 1-20% Cash Bonus. This is the current discount or deal you would get if you purchase the item from the current web site. Once you click Find Savings, Honey will start to look for better deals than the one you currently have.

If it finds several discount codes you will see this pop-up appear several times until it either finds a better deal or discount, or it validates that your current deal is the best.

In sites like Amazon where you have different sellers selling the same item, it scans Amazon to see if it can find a better price with another seller.

In this example, at the time I clicked check-out it showed me a savings (on the top right corner of the image) and then it gave me the option to swap the item to get the deal. Once I clicked Swap item into Amazon cart, it swapped the item priced at a higher price in my cart with the same item being sold by another seller at a discounted price.

Using Honey guarantees that you buy the item at the best price possible. In some cases it won't find a better deal than what you currently have, but at least you get validation that you're paying the best price.

Honey currently works with shopping sites in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, UK and India as well as sites that serve global customers.

Start saving away!

What do you do to save online? Share with us in the comment section.

Just ran into this app, which would have come in handy as I was vacationing with the fam in Orlando this past weekend. Oh well! 

The Nowait app gives you the ability to add your name to the waiting list at a restaurant without physically being there. Once you add yourself to a wailting list, you receive a text confirmation. The app shows you the waiting time and your place in line so you can ensure you're at the restaurant just in time. 

The app is simple to use:

1. Search for the restaurant. Under the name you will see the average wait time. 

2. Tap the restaurant name to start the process then tap Get in line. 

3. Select the number in your party, add your name, add any special request, then tap Get in line

4. You'll receive a text confirmation. 

5. Check your place in line by tapping the Place in line tab. 

Once you arrive at the restaurant you'll need to check-in with the host to get seated. 

A cool optional feature is the bluetooth auto check-in. You can set this up in your profile, but note this is something that needs to be supported by the restaurant in order to work. 

If when searching for a restaurant you see its not using this app, feel free to tap the tweet button at the bottom to the nudge the restaurant. 

So is there really no waiting time anymore? I wouldn't say you don't wait at all since you need to check-in with the host when you arrive, but it does save you a lot of time. Under your profile it keeps track of the hours saved, start using the app and you can vouch for yourself. 

Sorry, there is still some human interaction needed to get seated. Maybe a kiosk, or robot will replace this later, who knows! 

If you decide to not dine at one of the restaurants, please release your place in line by tapping the Leave button. Its the polite thing to do. 

The app is available on the iPhone and Android phones, and on the Apple Watch too.

If you've used this app and would like to give your feedback please add it in the comment section below. 

Happy time saving! 

Are you tired of having to go into several email accounts to read and sort all your emails? What about having to create folders to organize your emails? Look no further!

I read an article about this new email app and how it did most of the work for you and of course I had to try. Loved it so much that I decided to write this post. 

I'm talking about EasilyDo Mail by Easilydo Inc. 

This new mail app is like your personnel assistant. Would you love to have someone manage your bills, receipts, travel itineraries, events and your email subscriptions? Me too! This new email app is just that.

Let's just look at some of the features that makes EasilyDo Mail stand out. 

1. You can add your different email accounts into one place. This gives you full visibility of all your emails. You may say you can do that on the iPhone Mail app, but this is very different. The EasilyDo Mail app uses this feature to categorize all your emails in the different accounts into unread emails, emails with attachments and snoozed emails. Yes, you can snooze emails too. 

2. Your emails get categorized automatically into Subscriptions, Travel, Packages, Bills and Receipts and Entertainment. 

3. In the Subscription category, you have the option to unsubscribe right from your email list. You no longer have to click unsubscribe to a visit the email management page and select the unsubscribe option. You can just tap the X from the email list and Viola! 

4. In the Travel category, your itinerary is visually displayed at the top of the email. 

5. In the Package category, you see your tracking information linked to the carrier right at the top of the email. 

6. In the Bills and Receipts category, the company, date and amount is shown for your bills and receipts. 

Sorry amounts are personal, and gadget spending is for me to know and for you to try to find out. Good luck with that.  

7. In the Entertainment category, it displays emails relevant to events including those you have purchased tickets for.  

Hmm #7 also shows you if you need to get out more :(

8. You also have settings for snoozing, quick actions, notifications, signature and more. My favorite is the signature setting, you can customize the same signature for all email accounts, or for each one individually. 

These are the email accounts you can add. POP, Exhange and Office 365 are not yet supported. 

All the features above should confirm why I recommend this app. Wouldn't you? 

Tell us your thoughts, or share about another email app of your choice in the comment section. 

Happy Easily mailing! 

Here are some tips to help you keep up with some of the features the newer versions of iOS have brought to the table.  

Tip #1
Reduce your battery consumption by turning on Low Power Mode. Although some functions are disabled in this mode at least you can prolong the battery life until you can charge iPhone. 
1. Go to Settings
2. Tap Battery
3. Turn o the Low Power Mode switch.
Tip #2
In the same area, you can check out which apps are consuming the most power from your battery.
1. Go to Settings.
2. Tap Battery. 
3. View usage under Battery Usage area.

Tip #3
You can now mark up documents sent to you as attachments. After you open the attachment, press your finger on the screen and you’ll see a trunk like icon. When you tap the icon the document will appear again with a toolbar. You can use the pencil to highlight areas, add text boxes for comments, zoom in on an area, and best of all you can add your signature.   
1. Open attachment.
2. Touch screen.
3. Tap Trunk icon.

4. Select the editing option of your choice.

After you finish marking up the document tap Done and a new attachment is created for you with your mark ups.
Tip #4
You use to have to select one photo at a time, well no more. Now you can select one photo and swipe your finger around to select other photos
1. Go to Camera Roll (or other albums).
2. Tap Select. 
3. Tap the first photo and swipe away.
Tip #5
Instead of searching through your photos you can now use Siri to find them for you by saying “show my pictures for November 2014” or any of the below commands.
Press Home button to activate Siri and ask away.

Tip #6
You don’t need an app to convert currency anymore. Just swipe to the right to search on your phone. You can search by currency code to currency code (ex. eur to usd) to find out the rate of exchange, or specify an amount like below example.
1. Swipe to the right.
2. Enter the currency information in the search bar.

Tip #7
Need to hide a photo or two? You now have that option. The photos you hide will not be visible from Moments, Collections and Years, but will still be visible from the album.
1. Go to Camera Roll (or another album).
2. Tap Select.
3. Tap the photos you want to hide.
4. Tap the box icon on the bottom left to display options.
5. Tap the Hide icon.

Hope these tips help you maximize the usage of your iPhone.

If you're curious on other features just send me note using the Contact Us feature on the right, or by leaving a comment.

Have you ever bought souvenirs for your family and friends while traveling? Of course you have, who hasn't. If you're like me, I don't just like to pick the cheapest souvenir, when choosing I like to pick things everyone will like which can sometimes take time. Well, NineMags has found a solution for that and made it very simple.

You can now create your own personalized souvenir magnets from your Instagram photos to share your most precious memories with loved ones and it's for a reasonable price. For only $14.99 you get to create 9 magnets form your choice of Instagram photos and shipping is free worldwide. The site is very simple to use, and you can place your order in a few steps.

To create your own magnets:
1. Vist NineMags.com.

2. Click "Log in with Instagram" and enter your credentials.
3. Add your default billing and shipping address under "Account Dashboard" by clicking "Edit Address" under each area. This way your account information is set up in advanced.

4. Click on "Instagram Magnets" at the top of the page to start.
5. Select your photos by clicking on "Add". You'll see your select being displayed on the right side.

6. Click on "Add to my order" after you select all 9 photos.

Now you're taken to the checkout page, from here you have the option to change the quantity of your order. This is great if you want to order several sets of the same photos.

You can also click on Edit if you want to change your selection. This will take you back to the previous page where you can choose the new photos, or you can click on Delete to start over.

Anyway you look at it, it's a great way to share your memories with everyone.

Start sharing now!

The Social Media Marketing Society is an exclusive membership community from Social Media Examiner. The purpose of the Society is to help you discover new ideas, avoid trial and error, implement the newest social tactics and find what works best with social media marketing. When you join the Society, you’ll receive three original training sessions each month that are timely, tactical and expert-led.

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Plus, you’ll be able to network with fellow marketers just like you. No longer do you need to wonder how your peers are tackling the same struggles you are. With the Society, you can easily connect with other marketers, share experiences and support one another.

Here’s the cool part. Everything takes place online! We created the Society to be simple and accessible for busy marketers like you. You can attend the training sessions and interact with other marketers from the comfort of your office chair–wherever you are in the world!

Register here!

Here’s a “behind the scenes” tour of the Social Media Marketing Society.

If you noticed, after recently upgrading your Facebook mobile app you now have some annoying sounds every time you refresh your feed, post or interact in other activities. 

As always these are preferences you can manage and turn on, or off depending on your liking. If you have an iPhone, follow these steps to turn them off:

1. Navigate to the Settings area in your mobile app.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Tap Sounds.
4. Slide to turn off In-App Sound.

From an Android do the following:

1. Go to the three-lined icon at the top right.
2. App Settings
3. Sounds
4. Slide it off.

And in those simple steps you have a soundless app again :)

What else would you like to know about any app or social channel? Let me know in the comment section, who knows your question may generate my next post. 

Well late last night I was asked "how do I repost something on Instagram?". My answer was you can't. As some of you may have noticed already you can't really repost by just tapping a button like on other social networks. The only way to repost from the app itself is to screen capture the photo, crop it and then upload it. The only problem with this is that you take the chance to offend the original poster since it looks like you're taking the credit for their photo. That's not the reputation you want to have online, remember hashtags and comments go alonnnnggggg way online.

So is there a better way to repost on Instagram? I'll answer that with a common phrase that surfaced after the app store made it's appearance "there's an app for that". Actually there are several apps for this, but I'll just mention one in this post as I think it's the one with the most free options. 

It's called Repost for Instagram. The free version has very similar features as Instagram with the exception of liking or following users. For those two features you'll have to purchase the Pro version for $0.99... Still not bad. 

With the free version you can:
  • Repost any photo
  • Search by user or hashtag
  • View your feed
  • View your following/followers list
  • View the photos you've liked

The app is very intuitive and very similar to Instagram so if you're a user you shouldn't have any problems figuring it out. But just in case, here is a short recap to help you out. 

First of all as any app that integrates with a social network you'll be able to sign in using your existing credentials and you'll need to authorize the app in order for it to repost on your behalf. After that it's very simple. 

1. Use either the Home tab or search to find photos then tap on Repost

This will take you into Instagram where you can use any of the filters or features to enhance the photo. 

2. Tap on Next when you're ready to continue. 

3. Enter your photo caption and tap Share. Just remember at this point you're in Instagram so you can use the other features of the app as you usually do.

Notice the app adds a hashtag, the original poster's Instagram name and the app name for credit.

Instagram will then add the photo on your profile. As you see, the photo will show the Repost symbol at the bottom of the photo with the original poster's Instagram name. You'll only see this on the version of the photo on your profile. 

Not bad for a free app, it's pretty simple and works very well. 

Remember also that for $0.99 you can also like photos and start following users from within Repost for Instagram

So yes, you can repost photos posted on Instagram just not within the Instagram app. Hopefully Instagram will add this feature later on, but in the meantime I think this is a pretty good option. 

What else would you like to know about any app or social channel? Let me know in the comment section, who knows your question may generate my next post. 

Thanks to @PaleoJo (paleojo.com) for asking this question and helping generate this post. 

Repost away!