February 21, 2015

How do I turn off the sounds for Facebook in the mobile app?

If you noticed, after recently upgrading your Facebook mobile app you now have some annoying sounds every time you refresh your feed, post or interact in other activities. 

As always these are preferences you can manage and turn on, or off depending on your liking. 

If you have an iPhone, follow these steps to turn them off:

1. Navigate to the Settings area in your mobile app.
2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap Sounds.

4. Slide to turn off In-App Sound.

From an Android do the following:

1. Go to the three-lined icon at the top right.
2. App Settings
3. Sounds
4. Slide it off.

And in those simple steps you have a soundless app again :)

What else would you like to know about any app or social channel? Let me know in the comment section, who knows your question may generate my next post. 



July 09, 2013

App review: how do I repost a photo on Instagram?

Well late last night I was asked "how do I repost something on Instagram?". My answer was you can't. As some of you may have noticed already you can't really repost by just tapping a button like on other social networks. The only way to repost from the app itself is to screen capture the photo, crop it and then upload it. The only problem with this is that you take the chance to offend the original poster since it looks like you're taking the credit for their photo. That's not the reputation you want to have online, remember hashtags and comments go alonnnnggggg way online.

So is there a better way to repost on Instagram? I'll answer that with a common phrase that surfaced after the app store made it's appearance "there's an app for that". Actually there are several apps for this, but I'll just mention one in this post as I think it's the one with the most free options. 

It's called Repost for Instagram. The free version has very similar features as Instagram with the exception of liking or following users. For those two features you'll have to purchase the Pro version for $0.99... Still not bad. 

With the free version you can:
  • Repost any photo
  • Search by user or hashtag
  • View your feed
  • View your following/followers list
  • View the photos you've liked

The app is very intuitive and very similar to Instagram so if you're a user you shouldn't have any problems figuring it out. But just in case, here is a short recap to help you out. 

First of all as any app that integrates with a social network you'll be able to sign in using your existing credentials and you'll need to authorize the app in order for it to repost on your behalf. After that it's very simple. 

1. Use either the Home tab or search to find photos then tap on Repost

This will take you into Instagram where you can use any of the filters or features to enhance the photo. 

2. Tap on Next when you're ready to continue. 

3. Enter your photo caption and tap Share. Just remember at this point you're in Instagram so you can use the other features of the app as you usually do.

Notice the app adds a hashtag, the original poster's Instagram name and the app name for credit.

Instagram will then add the photo on your profile. As you see, the photo will show the Repost symbol at the bottom of the photo with the original poster's Instagram name. You'll only see this on the version of the photo on your profile. 

Not bad for a free app, it's pretty simple and works very well. 

Remember also that for $0.99 you can also like photos and start following users from within Repost for Instagram

So yes, you can repost photos posted on Instagram just not within the Instagram app. Hopefully Instagram will add this feature later on, but in the meantime I think this is a pretty good option. 

What else would you like to know about any app or social channel? Let me know in the comment section, who knows your question may generate my next post. 

Thanks to @PaleoJo (paleojo.com) for asking this question and helping generate this post. 

Repost away!


October 19, 2011

Can I unfollow a post on Facebook to stop notifications?

Yes, you can. You can unfollow statuses, photos, videos, links, and I think pretty much anything else. The trick is that you won't see the Unfollow Post from the wall (pretty soon called timeline). You have to access just that piece of information to see it, and with that I mean if it's something like a photo or video you'll need to click on it to display it.

If it's a link or status you'll need to click on the notification.

You'll then see the Unfollow Post link like in this example:

What I've noticed though is that you either have to be the person who posted the information or you've left a comment on someone else's post in order to see the Unfollow Post. Oh and don't worry, if you ever want to reverse the action you can always go back to the post and click Follow Post.

Now since in Facebook several things work together, if you still see notifications for things you've unfollowed, check your notification settings.

Hope this little tip helps in cutting down the notifications on those pesky post. Let me know what else you would like to know in the comment section.



October 06, 2011

Tribute to Steve Jobs: RIP 1955-2011


He certainly made a ding...... RIP Steve!



September 19, 2011

Are you getting bombarded with notifications on Facebook updates? Check out why!

You probably are and that's because Facebook just launched a couple of days ago a new subscription feature available for personal profiles that let's you subscribe to your friends updates. When you subscribe to updates you are actually deciding what information is shown on your newsfeed for each friend. Unfortunately when they turned this feature on you ended up subscribed to a slew of friend's which is now causing a slew of notifications.
So now it's up to you to decide what information you want to view on your newsfeed, and subscribe or unsubscribe. Just keep in mind, if you unsubscribe to a friend you won't see any updates on your newsfeed.
Here's how you can update your subscriptions:
1. Click Subscriptions.

2. Click Friend Subscriptions.

3. Click Subscribed.

4. Checkmark how many updates you want to view. 

  • All updates: Like word says ALL your friend posts
  • Most updates:  Equivalent to what you see today
  • Important updates only: Stuff like new job, or move

5. Checkmark or uncheck the kind of updates you want to view (status, life events, photos and videos, comments and likes, or other activities).

If you don't want to see any updates for certain friends then select Unsubscribe.

Hope this helps you! Let us know what else you would like to know about Facebook in the comment section.



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