January 19, 2018

How To: Thread your Tweets on Twitter

Have you had the need to tweet a thought or story that is longer than 140 characters and you find yourself replying to yourself and numbering each tweet in order to show a sequence of tweets? You're not alone! This has happened to all of this, but not anymore.

On Dec 12, 2017 Twitter launched the feature called Threading, which let's you thread tweets as you're composing them. And although they also increased the character limitation to 280 this past November, you still may need to use the threaded tweet feature to tell longer stories.
The way it works is the following:

1. After you compose your tweet, click the + sign and this will add a space for your second tweet. You can continue to click the + to compose more tweets.

2. When done, click the Tweet all button and Viola!

Once you tweet it, it shows like this:

Your followers can click on Show this thread to view all the tweets.

Now with this change I noticed the delete function remained working the same. For example, I tweeted the above thread and deleted the first tweet, but noticed the rest of the tweets remained on my timeline. I had to delete each threaded tweet. So just keep that in mind in case you need to delete a threaded tweet.

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