October 10, 2009

iPhone tip: How to forward MMS and SMS on the iPhone

Forwarding MMS and SMS messages on the iPhone is very simple.
  1. Tap Edit at the top of your messaging screen.
  2. Select the MMS or SMS message you want to forward.
  3. Tab Forward.
  4. Enter the recipient's name or tab the to access your contacts.

  5. Tab Send.
As a little bonus, before you click Send you can click the camera and add or take more pictures and add it to your message.

What other tips do you want to share about MMS?



  1. It doesn't work with audio files. The "forward" option is greyed out. Where are these files saved?

  2. These steps are just for MMS. If you use the Voice Memos app you can share it using MMS. You can get to the audio files by tapping on the pause button, then tap the audio file, and tap the Share button. Then you'll have the option to select MMS but it can't be a big file otherwise it will tell you the file is too big.

  3. how do you select several multimedia objects to send? I want to forward a MMS consisting of both an image file and a tiny sound file, but when I mark them for selection from Edit, the Forward option is greyed out, and my only option left from the menu buttons is to delete the files.

    Is it not possible to forward both the image and the sound file as a single MMS??

  4. My understanding is that you can only send 1 audio file in MMS at a time with nothing else. It's probably because of the file size. You can send multiple text or pics together though.

    Hope that helps,


  5. It's actually possible to forward mms picture with audio (no jailbreak required). You have to get the iTim Text App from the apple store. The itim app lets you receive mms pics with audio and view them with audio playing at the same time, as well as forward them. You can even add your audio to pics and send as mms with the app. Get the app from http://itimworld.com. I hope this helps :)

    1. One drawback w iTim, will not do group mailings.
      Miss my blackberry storm.

  6. Cool! This is an old post, but we certainly welcome new updates. Things change so fast that it's hard to keep up, and we welcome our readers comments and updates to help us with that. I'll look into the app. Thanks again :)

  7. It would be great if Apple would upgrade iMessage for users to be able to send photo and audio on the same message- right now you are able to receive them, why not be able to send them?
    I have iTim, great application, however right now you cannot do group MMS.
    I miss my blackberry storm :-(

  8. I want to forward over a 100 SMS to a contact but I don't want all the SMS to group up into a single SMS.
    What do I do?

  9. These are the two solutions I know of:
    1. You can use this free software to export your SMS http://www.wideanglesoftware.com/touchcopy/features/features_messages.php

    2. Or you can download SMS Export app from App store ($5.99), you still have to download some software to your PC or Mac for this to work though. The whole process is explained in the description of the app in the app store.
    Hope this helps