November 16, 2010

iPhone Tip: How to access your Privacy and Account settings on the Facebook iPhone app

If you haven't downloaded the latest Facebook iPhone app update I would suggest you do. Why you ask? Because now you can access and update your Privacy and Account settings through the app. What a concept?

Don't know why this took so long but hey now it's here.

To access these settings tap Account. This is where you use to just logout from Facebook. 

Then tap either Account Settings or Privacy Settings to update the information.

You are then taken to the same page you see when you access this information from the Facebook web site.

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November 06, 2010

FAQ: What is a Facebook Friendship Page?

Have you ever wondered how many things you share with a friend? Like comments, events, or photos? Well the Friendship page helps you summarize all that.

You can display a Friendship page between you and a friend and see your mutual events, wall posts, comments, photos you're tagged in, friends, and even which pages you both like.

It's like summarizing your relationship.

To display a Friendship page:

1. Visit a Friend's page.
2. Click the View You and xxxxxx link (xxxxxx=friend's name) under their profile picture.

And voila!

Facebook summarizes your friendship in just seconds.

Also from that page you can browse mutual friend's Friendship pages or other friendship pages between and another friend.

If you don't see a link under a friend's profile picture, click the Filters link on their wall.

And then click the Friendship Page link.

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