March 29, 2009

App Video Review: Get prices and reviews of CDs, Books, DVDs, or video games by taking a snapshot - Snaptell

Have you ever bought a video game that you think would be really good and then when you play it you realize it was a bomb? I think that has happened to a lot of us and the worst is that you're stuck with it since you already opened it. Well worry no more, Snaptell is here to help you.

Snaptell is a very handy app. With this app you take snapshots of the cover of any CD, DVD, Book, or video game sold in the U.S. and it will automatically locate it for you. The app will provide you with the online and local price for stores like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, Google search for prices and reviews, Yahoo search results, eBay and links, and even articles in Wikipedia when available. You can even complete purchases through the app.

I took snapshots of old and new movies, books, and CDs and this app did not fail once. This app uses image recognition technology developed by to match the image against product images. Pretty soon they will also offer this service for International products.

So can you now imagine yourself going to Barnes and Nobles, taking a snapshot of a book cover to check out the competition's prices and the reviews, and then making your decision on whether to buy it or not?

Here is a video from our friends from that shows you how Snaptell works.

Download Snaptell.

Oh and did I mention this handy app is free? Have you used it? Tell us your experience with this app.