October 02, 2009

How can I clean up my Facebook Home Page?

As mentioned in the Home Page blog post "What is up with the Home page?", the Home Page now shows news not only from your friends but also from groups, and of course those annoying applications. So how do you limit the information shown on your Home Page?

Before I show you how to do it I first want to say that if you see your name in any image, please do not take offense. These are only images used to illustrate the process and there is no meaning behind it.

So how can you clean up your Home Page to only show what's important to you?

If it's an application you are trying to hide mouseover the right top corner of the news item and click Hide and then select Hide + the application name.

Now in case you want to hide news from a group or friend, you can follow the same steps but select Hide + Friend's name. Right after you hide the news item you will have the option to click on Undo in case you did something by accident.

If you ever decide you want to show those news items again on your Home Page, all you have to do is:

1. Click on Edit Options at the bottom of your Home Page.
2. Click on "Friends, Public Profiles or Applications" depending on what you are trying to edit. In this example I'm selecting Applications.
3. Click Add to News Feed button next to the application (or friend's name).
4. Click Close.

You can also opt to view the hidden stories by clicking on Show xx Hidden Posts at the bottom of the Home Page.

Well hope this helps with you.

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