September 06, 2017

Using Zello Walkie Talkie during Hurricane Irma

A friend recommended to use this app during the upcoming hurricane Irma, its called Zello Walkie Talkie. After downloading it, I figured I would share through my blog to help others as well. Although you still need to have cell phone service or WiFi connection, this app makes it easy to communicate during a natural disaster.

The advantage of this app is that you communicate through voice which is much quicker than writing and your voice message goes to public channels where others can hear you. You can also follow news channels during a storm to keep up to date on the latest storm path. This app is being used by search and rescue teams to help rescue those in need.

After you download the app, tap the Channels link on the left side and tap on Add channel. Here you can search for the public channels.

I found these 3 channels for Hurricane Irma, two of them are for search and rescue teams and the other one is for news.

After you add each channel you should tap the connect icon to hear any communication coming from that channel. 

Don't forget you can also add your friends and family to the app to stay connected.

To communicate in a public channel or with a friend, tap the name of the channel or friend, and press the microphone to send a voice message. Make sure you have activated the connection icon at the top of the channel, it changes to blue like in this example.

Again, you do need cell phone or wifi connection in order to use this. Xfinity has made hundreds of free hotspots available, you can find information here on how to connect.

Hope this helps us all stay connected and informed during the storm.

Good luck during the storm

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