August 11, 2016

App Review: Get in line at restaurants with Nowait app

Just ran into this app, which would have come in handy as I was vacationing with the fam in Orlando this past weekend. Oh well! 

The Nowait app gives you the ability to add your name to the waiting list at a restaurant without physically being there. Once you add yourself to a wailting list, you receive a text confirmation. The app shows you the waiting time and your place in line so you can ensure you're at the restaurant just in time. 

The app is simple to use:

1. Search for the restaurant. Under the name you will see the average wait time. 

2. Tap the restaurant name to start the process then tap Get in line. 

3. Select the number in your party, add your name, add any special request, then tap Get in line

4. You'll receive a text confirmation. 

5. Check your place in line by tapping the Place in line tab. 

Once you arrive at the restaurant you'll need to check-in with the host to get seated. 

A cool optional feature is the bluetooth auto check-in. You can set this up in your profile, but note this is something that needs to be supported by the restaurant in order to work. 

If when searching for a restaurant you see its not using this app, feel free to tap the tweet button at the bottom to the nudge the restaurant. 

So is there really no waiting time anymore? I wouldn't say you don't wait at all since you need to check-in with the host when you arrive, but it does save you a lot of time. Under your profile it keeps track of the hours saved, start using the app and you can vouch for yourself. 

Sorry, there is still some human interaction needed to get seated. Maybe a kiosk, or robot will replace this later, who knows! 

If you decide to not dine at one of the restaurants, please release your place in line by tapping the Leave button. Its the polite thing to do. 

The app is available on the iPhone and Android phones, and on the Apple Watch too.

If you've used this app and would like to give your feedback please add it in the comment section below. 

Happy time saving! 

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