October 11, 2008

Making How To Videos for Free with Jing Project

A friend reminded me the other day about Jing Project and I'm glad she did. Some months ago this software was on beta and It was not available to download. Yesterday when my friend reminded me of this I went ahead and download it to try to out.

I don't know how may people use Camtasia Studio or SnagIt but anyways Jing Project is from the makers of these two applications and also of Screencast.com which makes using this new application even better.

When you download Jing Protect you automatically get a free acount with 2GB of storage on Screencast.com which is more than you get if you sign up for a free account on their site.
With Jing Project you can create videos with audio and annotate screen captures. You can post your content on your website, and share through e-mail or IM. The good thing is that everything gets stored in your Screencast.com account. That's not saying you can't store your content in other places because you do have that option.

To share any content, you can click on the History icon that gives you access to all your content thus making it easier to share anything you need to.

Oh but did I mention, it's FREE.

Have you use it? Tell us your experience with Jing Project.

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