October 15, 2008

Review: WordPress launched a poll feature

I think everyone was waiting for this specially those that host their blog on WP. You can now create polls in WP using Poll Daddy. When you're writing a post, you will see an orange icon on the toolbar for Polls.

If you don't have a Poll Daddy account, you will be prompted to create one the first time you access it.

You can also manage your polls in the Manage section.

And for those that have an account with them you will be able to import your polls.

After this post was published WP is allowing you to add a poll on a sidebar. All you have to do is get the poll link and paste it in a text box. Now you might have to play with the sizing... but PollDaddy does have a custom poll feature that allows you to create your own look and feel and size.

This was a long time waiting and I'm glad WP launched it so kudos for WP.

How do you like the WP poll feature?

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  1. I just opened a new WordPress blog called Photowalkmiami.wordpress.com and I installed this new widget. It seems pretty cool and it's functional which is the best part about it. It has broken.