May 16, 2010

Have you checked the privacy settings in the Facebook applications lately?

Everyone has been so worried about all the changes Facebook has done with the privacy settings but I don't think anyone is looking at the privacy settings in the applications themselves.

I'm talking about the applications where you fill out surveys, play games, and so many other things. These apps have privacy settings and by default they are set to allow "Everyone" to see your information.

Now I'm not saying letting everyone see your survey results is a bad thing but if you're concerned with your privacy this is another place you should look at.

To change the app settings go to Account > Application Settings and click the Edit Settings that corresponds to each app.

Do this for every app. If you're someone that spends to much time playing stuff on Facebook then you'll have lots of apps to update.

If you app list is just to big and filled with apps you don't use I would suggest you first change the privacy settings of all the apps and then click the X to delete the ones you don't use. Remember, even though you delete things from the web it doesn't mean it will disappear :O(

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