April 07, 2010

Why a gadget fanatic didn't run to buy an iPad

Being a gadget fanatic I'm very impressed with myself that I didn't run to buy the iPad last week. That was a big thing for me but I had to look at the pros and cons and what I really would need it for. I'm a creator and not having the same capabilities of a laptop would not work for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone and I can do a lot of cool things with it but I really don't think I need an oversize iPhone/iTouch at the moment with similar capabilities especially when my birthday gift was a 10" Acer. At the moment, I'm extremely happy with my Acer and the iPad's capabilities don't even come close to what I can do on it. So why even go there.

I do have to admit, I like the iPad's slick look and maybe later if they add more capabilities I might surrender to my temptation. Even though this morning I just read this article that says only 20% of the iPad apps are free and the average price for an app is $4.99 so I think my decision is well founded.

If you're looking to buy an iPad I suggest you review this article The App Store Now Has Over 3,000 iPad Apps, Only 20 Percent Are Free and some of other iPad articles so you know what you're getting into. Mashable and TechCrunch have written several articles that can help you in your research.

Did you run to buy an iPad? Tell us your experience with it, you never know. You might convince me to do so as well.

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