November 17, 2007

Using Blogs in Corporate America

I have used blogs in my personal life but now we looking into using blogs at work and I'm very excited. I work in the Training department of a global corporation and we have what you can say is our very own IT team which helps us develop and implement new tools. So we don't depend on IT to come up with innovative tools which is great.
The last conference I attended said they would recommend to implement blogs within the corporation. Not that blogs for customers could not be done, but the speaker mentioned they were more risky. So it looks like we are going to look into this option.
Going by my research, we can use employee blogs to:
  • Share insights and experiences
  • Collaborate in project teams, post meeting minutes, assignments, action items, research and more.
  • Link to other places on the intranet
  • Talk about what you know as a subject matter experts (SME)
  • Blog about the moment
  • Post video interviews with Product Managers about a product, employees about their experience with a product, etc...
  • Announce upcoming internal training or products
  • Share your insights about products or as a trainer
  • Request feedback on what classes need a refresher or what are the hardest task they have every done and how did they overcome them
These were some tips given at the last conference:
  • You can set a blog to send emails to everyone when you make an update (RSS feeds)
  • Blog before a product launch and after
  • Encourage employees to blog at least once a week
  • Provide blog etiquette rules
  • Don't be afraid of bad comments, these can be deleted quickly
Have you implemented blogs at work? I would like to hear your suggestions and what tips you have to make blogging successful.
View the Blogs in Plain English video for a down to earth explanation of blogs.

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