November 17, 2007

Creating inexpensive videos

Before you implement video in your organization and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in equipment I would suggest you read this post.

At a Learning Conference I attended there was a session about creating rapid video. The main point of this session was to let everyone know that you don't need an expensive camcorder, lighting kits or nothing of that nature to get the point across. Actually they mentioned that people believe your message more if it looks real. The more perfect your video looks the less your customers will trust you.

They demonstrated how to create a video and how to post it on your blog, YouTube, wiki, or any where else you want. All of this in just a few minutes.

The videos produced can be edited with Windows Movie Maker which every PC with Windows pretty much has or other video editors that are out there which lots of them are free. The most impressive thing about this camcorder was the clarity of the picture and audio, you would never think a cheap camcorder would produce such great videos. It's also pretty easy to use, it only has three buttons, one to record/stop, one to view the videos, and the other one to delete.

Another great thing is the size, it's so small you can carry it around in your pocket so you don't miss out on any occasion. The camcorder also doesn't require any wires to connect to your PC, it has a USB connection on the side so it hooks up directly to your PC.

I know, enough of the hype, right? OK, the name of the camcorder is Flip Video Ultra, and it records up to 60 minutes of videos.

If your organization wants to start producing videos, I would suggest you look into this first. It's always better to start small, then to spend lots of money and then hit yourself on the head.

Have you flipped anyone?

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