November 17, 2007

The Good of MySpace

For those that are not familiar with MySpace, this is a Social network website that allows it's users to create their own page, and interactive with other members through either video, music, blogs, pictures, groups, and forums.
A lot of negative articles have been published on the news about MySpace and I'm here to tell you what the good is. Yes, there is good.

Kids today are becoming something that most of us had to go to school for, that's right. They are becoming website developers, graphic designers, video producers, and writers and they don't even know it. And even worst, parents are not noticing.

These kids at a young age are learning how to customize the look of a website through the use of cascading style sheets which in the MySpace language it's called "code". They change the look and style of their page with the same ease they change their cloths... And more and more kids are creating websites that offer hundreds of free codes (layouts) for other members to use and customize their page. That's a lot of programming.

Kids today take digital pictures and learn how to enhance them to the point of being worthy of a gallery exhibition. They record reality videos that appear to be produced by a professional video producer. They write articles about themselves and their life's that are so deep that your hairs stand up.

And they do it all for what? They do it all to collaborate with their friends, which is the core of Web 2.0.

So yes, even though MySpace has attracted a lot of sex offenders and negative press, we should all recognize that it has also brought a lot of good with it.

Anyways, what ever happened to teaching the kids not to talk to strangers? There are bad people every where therefore the same principles apply online. We need to teach our kids how to survive out in the real world and not isolate them from the truth. Give them the freedom to be and at the same time being there to watch them and guide them, and that's not MySpace's responsibility.

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