February 14, 2009

App Video Review: Quip - Sending multimedia messages on the iPhone

The iPhone app Quip allows you to send and receive multimedia messages to/from friends using the iPhones and other phone carriers. The great thing is that these messages don't count against your iPhone text messaging plan :O)

How does it work?

After you access Quip you can either take a new picture or choose from your iPhone library. Then select the contact, add text (optional) and send.

The recipient gets a text message with a clickable link, in our case with a touchable link. No need for username and password. So guess what iPhone users? No more need for those messages with easy to enter username/password that we are all familiar with and love, right? You know which ones I mean.

All you have to do is get your friends hooked up with Quip and you're all set. The app works great and it's only worth $0.99 but I think that's for a limited time so hurry.

Well here is a quick look at the app (courtesy of iPhone Apps Podcast).

Download Quip now.

Do you Quip?

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Thanks for the thorough review! This is Blake, the designer on Quip. I was relieved that the iPhone's SMS app was the only slow and painful part of the demo. ;-)

    We've submitted some cool improvements to Quip but Apple has not yet approved them. Keep an eye out!