February 15, 2009

App Video Review: Creating videos on your iPhone - Animoto

Animoto is a service that allows you to create free short videos by using your still life pictures. Their online service also allows you to create and download unlimited full-length videos for a minimal yearly fee. Recently they made their service available on the iPhone through the new Animoto app.

How does it work?

Well first let's tell you about the navigation. Animoto has two main tabs, Create New Video and My Videos. I think the tabs are self explanatory, right?

To create a video you go to the Create New Video tab, and you'll be prompted to select 8-12 pictures from your library. One thing you need to know is that you can't take new pictures with Animoto, you can only use existing ones.

After you select the pictures you're prompted to select the music track. Animoto has a good choice of music you can use. After you're done selecting your pictures and music then all you need to do is name your video, and press Create Video.

You'll need to wait about 4 minutes for the video to render but I know you'll be impressed with the results. Animoto has a way of displaying your pictures with the beat of the music that is just simply cool and no two videos are the same even if you use the same pictures.

After the video is created you can share it with your friends via e-mail, edit the pictures or music, remix it or delete it.

The only issue I have is that you can't synchronize the videos you create on your iPhone with your online account but there is a workaround to save your online account videos to your iPhone. If you go to Animoto.com on your iPhone and play a video from your online account, you'll have the option to save it into the app :O)

The creation of full-length videos is not available through the app but that's understandable. This app is great just like their online service, and it's free so I recommend you try it.

Check out this video for a quick look at Animoto (courtesy of AppVee).

Download Animoto or visit the Animoto site.

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  1. Animoto just release v2.0 for the iPhone. With this new release you can:

    - Sync to your Animoto.com account
    - Download videos for offline viewing
    - Longer videos with an All-Access Pass
    - Lots more songs, new genres
    - Better image fitting/placement in your videos