January 04, 2009

Review: Update all your Web 2.0 Sites in a snap with Ping

If you're like me you probably have accounts with MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Diigo, Delicious, Wordpress and more. With all the Web 2.0 sites popping up every where and all the accounts we have to keep up with different networks, friends, or family updating these sites are getting out of hand. Well I'm here to tell you that it has become easier thanks to Ping.fm who is here to relieve some of that pain.
Ping.fm is a service that allows you to update your status, blogs and micro-blogging of all your Web 2.0 sites from just one site. You can send your updates through your PC browser, phone, or e-mail.
Before Ping.fm I use to have to log in to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Hi5 and update my status in all sites. Now with Ping.fm, I just visit i.ping.fm from my iPhone and by updating my Status here, all these sites get updated automatically. How cool is that?
These are the Web 2.0 sites you can update with Ping.fm:

By clicking on the Add Network link next to the site name you can set up your log in for each web site and specify what information will be updated on that site. For example, if it's your Twitter account you're setting up, you would probably want Twitter to receive all micro-blogging and Status updates.

This service is very easy to use but just in case, you can find a quick tutorial at: http://ping.fm/blog/a-tutorial-for-you/

Oh for iPhone users, here is a tip. After visiting i.ping.fm on your phone press the + sign to Add an icon to your Home Screen.

Try it, you have nothing to lose - it's free. Let us know if you're using it already and how it's going.


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