January 06, 2009

Video Review: Storyz.com changing the way you write stories

This video demonstrates how you can create stories in collaboration with others at Storyz.com.


There is also an app available for the iPhone and it works very well. If you use the app, you can send invites to your stories using your iPhone address book.

Have you used this service? If so, tell us what you think.


  1. Hi Cynthia,

    thanks for this very cool video (had a little bit of a hard time hearing as the audio was a bit low).

    We are working hard to improve the service, and will have major upgrades in the next coming weeks. Check out http://storyzblog.wordpress.com/ for the latest news.


  2. great video, and great app too
    i'm very addicted to it.

  3. Thanks for the compliments. I'm working on the volumn and will post the new video soon. I agree with Zharko, the app is very addictive.