January 29, 2011

App Review: Avoid crashing into obstacles while you type with this iPhone app - Type and Walk

If you're reading this article it's because you're a text addict and need some help. Don't we all? Well in order to avoid falling into a water fountain like our friend in this video I suggest you read on.

Although we shouldn't really be typing and not looking where we're going there is a very cool workaround that will help you avoid getting injured if you're an iPhone user.

The Type and Walk - Presselite app displays what's in front of you as you're walking helping you avoid crashing into poles or falling into fountains :O)

Let's take a look.

As soon as you open the app, you'll see at the top of the display a mirror image of the obstacles in front of you and all you have to do is tap that big area and start typing.

After you're done tap the arrow on the top right corner.

Then tap Send.

From here you have the option to either delete the text, or send it to Facebook, to an e-mail address, copy it, or copy and text it. You also have the option to change the colors or tab Rotate at the top left to view in landscape mode.

The sending options are very simple and work the same way as any e-mail, Facebook, copy or texting functionality on the iPhone but I'll show you how it works for texting. That's probably why you're reading this post anyways, right?

If you tap the Copy & Texting option the Messages app is opened automatically.

All you need to do from here is paste the text, add the recipient, and tab Send.

This can't get more simple than that and less hurtful too. Right now the app is $0.99 and I think it's well worth it. Just think of the serious injuries and hospital bills you can avoid by spending less than 1 dollar.

Type and Walk - Presselite

Hope this review helps you stay bruise free if not, there is nothing else I can do, sorry :O(

Have you used this app? Tell us your experience or what injuries you have avoided in the comment section.

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