September 22, 2009

Remember that text from last night?

If you think FML is funny then you haven't laughed hard enough yet. Now there is Texts from last night where users can send text messages to the site by using their area code and others can reply. The number you see before the text is the area code where the text message came from and if you see another text message right below it, it's because some one has responded to it.

You can leave a comment by clicking on reply or rate the messages as good night or bad night.

Here are a couple of them to give you a sample.
(775): I was too high to figure out which of the three doors would lead me to my classroom, so i sat down in the middle of the hallway and ate a twinkie.
(248): Is your delayed response due to the massive amount of judging going on?
(802): My social work teacher just told our class about her bicurios adventures in college
(516): is she hot?
(802): She is now
(702): what made you think it was a good idea to trust the girl that hides tequila in her backpack?
(204): My cousin's wedding had personal beer funnels for each table and a drinking game against the bride and groom. im sorry for ever calling you white trash
(504): She looks like Sash Grey but sounds like Fran Drescher. Advise.
(858): This concert is like a reunion of all my bad sex.
(203): a girl in my class is on a twilight fan site and running her fingers on the screen as edwards body comes up.

Oh and there is an app for this too!!! It's $0.99 for those that would like to know and you can downlad it here Texts From Last Night.

Just remember, you might forget the text messages you send but will we?

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