June 07, 2009

iPhone Tip: How to scroll through your app pages

I know one of the coolest things people first liked about the iPhone is that you swipe your finger on the screen to do numerous functions. One of the times you swipe is to scroll through the different pages of applications you have and if you're like me you probably have lots of them.

Well here is a quick tip on another way of scrolling through your pages, just tap anywhere on the line of dots that indicate you have multiple pages.

BTW, this works when scrolling through different pages of Safari and where ever you see the lines of dots.

(Just added after the 3.0 upgrade 6/17/2009.)

As you've probably heard or seen already with the upgrade to 3.0 you can now search across your iPhone. A search page has been added to your iPhone and to view it you can swipe your screen to the right, it's the first page on your iPhone. You can also get to it by tapping on the line of dotts. The new search page is indicated by a magnifying glass to the left of the line of dotts.

Or you can press Home to toggle from and to your first app page to the search page.

Do you have a quick tip to share?


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