July 27, 2008

Top List: My Top 10 favorite Google Products

Am I the only one that thinks everything that Google develops is awesome? I'm not saying this because I really want to work there (my dream job), it's just that I really think they know what they are doing.

Not only are they developing great products but they make them available to the public for free, what a concept? Another great thing about their products is the ease of use. You can pretty much figure out their more complex products in a couple of hours and that's with some bells and whistles. OK, I know. Enough about the company let me tell you what my top 10 favorite products are.

Google Search - What can't you find using their search engine? You can also create your own custom search tailored to your needs.

Blogger - This is my favorite blogging service because of the ease of use and it's not restrictive. You can customize pretty much anything and add almost anything to your blog, actually I have yet to find a restriction.

Google Analytics - Great way of tracking your site's hits, referring sites, keyword search and visitors in general.

Google Docs - No more spending hundreds of dollars on Ms Office for your home computers, do I need to say more?

Google Alerts - If you're researching a subject this is the best tool you can use to receive the latest updates on that subject.

Google Sites - excellent collaboration application and I specially like they way it connects you to other coworkers by your e-mail domain.

Google Video - A lot of video sharing sites add ads to your video so the fact that Google doesn't is a big plus.

Google Earth - Wow, just by being able to see your house is pretty incredible.

Google Notebook - Let's you take notes and save them while you search the Internet.

Google Labs - You can play with their prototypes and send your feedback to Google. I just noticed they have a new one called Lively by Google - Hangout and chat in 3D, I must check that out.

I know the title of my article is the top 10 favorites but I think these four other products should be mentioned.

YouTube - OK, this wasn't developed by Google but they have added a lot of features to it after they purchased it.

GOOG-411 - no more paying the telephone company for each 411 call when you can get it for free from Google.

Google Health - You can organize and gather your medical records in one place. You can have doctors and hospitals link their records with your account, how cool is that?

And their newest release Knol - This one is similar to Wikipedia in the sense that anyone can add information, the difference is that the author gets recognition for the article. A Knol is an article you write on a specific topic and as the writer you are tagged as the author. The other great feature is that the author can manage how the collaboration is handled, is it moderated or not?

There are so many other Google products that I don't mention here, it's not because they are not great products, these are just my top 10 favorites.

Which are yours?

My hat's off to you Google!


  1. Google Reader - couldn't live without it!

  2. Don't know how I missed Reader, thanks Jamie.