April 18, 2008

My own Twitter site

I just finished reading a post called "Classroom Twitter Using WordPress" at Will Richardson's blog. It's all about using a new WordPress theme called Prologue which gives your blog a Twitter look. It actually works very well, and it's great for organizations that require security and privacy.

And of course, you know me.... I went ahead and created a blog of my own to test it, you can see it here at Tech Yakety-Yak. The only disadvantage of using WordPress is that you're not following your friends and no one is following you and I must admit I like that Twitter feature.

Now you do have the advantage that you are not limited to a number of characters per post like Twitter and you can have a secure blog at the same time. Maybe now some organizations can incorporate microblogging into their training programs.

What do you think?

Kudos for the developer of the Prologue WordPress theme.

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