January 20, 2008

Do you Twitter?

Several friends and family members use Twitter all the time, and to be honest I just started using it and I'm getting to like it. I usually don't text message but since I have an iPhone now, even if I don't want to text I can still twitter online.

So now the question is how can you use Twitter in training programs? Although a few uses have been found, it seems like micro blogging is still something that is in the watch. But just because there is no clear need now, doesn't mean it won't be useful in the future.

Some ideas on how to use Twitter to collaborate:

  • Sharing resources and links
  • Keeping your project team up to date
  • Sharing your class notes
  • Summarizing a lecture, meeting, conference or presentation as it occurs
Have you found a use for Twitter in the classroom?

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree with the use of Twitter, although I'm following way too many people and the conversations are just getting lost, but if you protect your "twitter" and only allow your friend or in this case your co-workers, it will be strictly business, so the information would be relevant and informative. Now, will Corporate America approve of the use of Twitter for business purpose? Maybe not or maybe NOT yet, but I believe in Twitter, Messengers or any other communication tool that can help a team build up and keep up with updates, the better communication will be.

    You can follow me too @ www.twitter.com/rmedina.

    See you on the twitterverse!!!!