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A little bit about me:  

By day, I’m an IT Support Manager for a Travel Technology corporation and by night, I’m an artsy and creative person fulfilling my curiosity by figuring out the Hows and expressing them in some sort of creative outlet. Sometimes that may be in the form of a photo, quote, an article, video, or what inspires me at the moment and of course with the help of some gadget.

To me laughing, relaxing, family and having fun is what matters, but beware! Keeping my finger on the shutter and people watching are fun too and I may be watching. I love art, design, photography, comedy, travel, music, movies, dancing, technology and of course gadgets. I’m inspired by people that are ambitious, that have a passion for something, that seek change, and that don’t take life so seriously. I prefer to live a life filled with “oh wells” then “what ifs” and I like to hang around the same kind of people.  

I'm a Social Media enthusiast and in my spare time I love testing new Social Media sites, apps in general and showing anyone with an interest how Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogging all work. I believe mixing Social Media with business and learning is a win win situation, so I try to teach the benefits of it to anyone who's interested. I'm a firm believer of SILLIE = Share, Inspire, Listen, Learn, Improve and Evaluate.

I'm a life long learning, and I'm always willing to learn and try something new hence why I write reviews and tips on this blog. Feel free to contact me using the form on the blog if you’re a developer and you need someone to beta test your app, gadget, or service. 

Follow me on Twitter @CynthiaMedinaM, Instagram, or Pinterest if you’re interested in laughing, art, human interaction, or technology.

Hope you enjoy my articles!

Cynthia Medina

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